About Us

HWA PAO RESINS CHEMICAL CO., LTD. was founded in August 1982, and has start running since April 1983. 
Following the successful products of styrene lattices, shoe adhesives, surface primers, curing agents, and waterproof paints at the first year, the extended equipments were built to produce polyurethane resins, polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl ester adhesives in the next couple years. In addition to the above product, hot-melt adhesives, water- based polyurethane adhesives and thermoplastic urethane resins were developed to offer the growing market.
Based on the founding principle of "To offer the best product and sale service to the customers", HWA PAO always works hard to satisfy all of our customers and runs its business firm. Because we pay attention on the efficiency technique support and service to our customers, to design new products based on the requirement of our customers and the estimation of the developing market, a good reputation has been established in this industry field.
For persuading the finest product quality and developing new technology, additional experienced researchers and the newest laboratory analysis facility and equipments have been induced in the re-modeled research department in these years. Moreover, through the corresponding with the academic acknowledgements in the local university, most of the difficult problems have been solved in efficiency by this strong bonding cooperation. Our efforts on the good quality control were approved when we passed ISO9002 in August 1997; however, developing new proper products and enlarging the production lines are our direction to keep our leadership in the future.
HWA PAO not only concentrates in the improving of its technology and quality, but also focuses its attention on the non-pollution industry. Because getting out of the pollution is an important issue that Human being faced today, we are serious in the effort of keeping environmental clean. Because HWA PAO always fits the controlled requirement of the cleaning out for the discharge of the wasted water and air, it passed ISO 14001 in March 2000. In its continuing efforts, a new generation of the series of the adhesive products has been developed which includes organic solvent free adhesives, water based PU adhesives, and hot melt adhesives.